Convert numbers to different numeral systems (only in French)

Small project to get my hands into AngularJS.

This Web application allows you to convert numbers to other numeration systems (egyptian, maya, roman numbers, hexadecimal...)

AngularJS, Bootstrap

Write number in French full letters

Write number in French full letters

Again a small application to test the Google App Engine.

This Web application can writes numbers to the French full-letter format.

GWT, Google App Engine, Java, Maven

Agent Manager

Agent Manager

Master thesis project done at Amadeus (2009).

Agent Manager is a distributed task execution environment. Tasks are assigned to agents, potentially deployed on heterogeneous machines. It implements an algorithm to get the optmal allocation.

Java, Hibernate, Prolog, Choco constraint solver, SQL Server, JBoss Seam

Agent Manager

MySQL NDB persistence plugin for ActiveMQ

Project done at the SICS when I was still a student (2008).

Implementation of a persistence plugin for the ActiveMQ JMS broker using the NDB MySQL Cluster adpater.

Java, MySQL